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Should you rather buy a new beginner camera or an old professional camera at the same price?

If you're an enthusiast photographer and looking to buy a new camera, you have probably thought about whether to purchase a new, more entry-level camera or an older, secondhand, more professional camera. But what would be the best choice?

Well, as for many things, it all depends on your budget. And, in the photography game, things can get costly very quickly.

But, for the sake of this argument, let's compare a new camera, like the Canon M50 Mark II, with a similarly priced second hand Canon 5D Mark II.

Both cameras cater to the more professional end of the scale and are not point-and-shoot cameras by any means. The 5D is on the higher end of the scale, while the M50 is aimed more on the entry-level side. However, the M50 is 12 years newer than the 5D mark II.

The Canon 5D mark II was the first DSLR camera to feature full HD video and has a full-frame sensor, but just how relevant is that? A full-frame sensor is always a winner as its sensor can gather more light per square inch. Thus, making it better in lower light and, due to its larger size, it features much better representation with field of view and depth of field.

But is this a reason to opt for the 5D in this case? well, not technically. The Canon M50 is far newer, offers many more modern features and is mirrorless. The available lenses for the M50 are more diverse, modern and affordable than the EF lens mount on the 5D as well.

So to conclude, the 5D is still a great camera without a doubt, but you have to decide on what sort of photography you're going to do, as well as what your budget is for lenses and accessories.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hyun Ralph Jeong, on New Beginner Camera vs Old Pro Camera (M50 Mark ii vs 5D Mark ii).

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