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The Nintendo Switch is the perfect accessory and with Snakebyte that has announced a new line of add-ons that can help increase battery life,  it is the perfect way to kill time on a road-trip. 

Snakebyte's Power Pack adds a 7,000 mAh battery to the console's internal 4,130 mAh, which could really help if you have got a long flight coming up. As a bonus, the add-on solves another of the Switch's design flaws (namely, the fact that it can't charge while in tabletop mode) by moving the charge port to the side and adding a sturdier kickstand.

Snakebyte also announced the Starter Kit Pro, which makes it easier to carry everything around. The set comes with a carry bag that can hold up to 12 game cartridges, a tempered glass screen protector, cleaning cloth, ear buds and silicon grips for the Joy-Cons.  Snakebyte's new Seat Mount might make that a little easier in future: it attaches to the back of the headrest of the seat in front, holding the screen steady at eye level for a group of backseat battles. 

The company has not given any details on pricing, but the accessories will be on show at E3 at this week and are expected to go on sale in - Northern Hemisphere - Summer 2017.

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