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The DeepFrame One AR screen is an augmented reality that was demoed at CES 2018 this week proves. Instead of having users wear chunky AR specs, the display uses optical trickery to make moving objects appear as if they're actually in the room.

This is not necessarily the sort of hardware you are going to get set up in your living room, as it is 64-inches in size, it needs its own separate display to project the images in the first place – but it could find a place in museums, retails stores, and other places where a crowd of people might want to watch an augmented reality show.

This is the first commercial-ready, retail version of the DeepFrame technology that developer Realficiton has made. Realfiction is not revealing the exact nature of its patented methods, but the screen uses reflections and magnifications to do its magic. There are no electronics inside the screen itself, just in the box used to project the moving images. The technology can be used to create AR scenes that stretch for miles, says Realfiction.

The tech has not actually gone on sale yet, but once it does, Realfiction says that consumers will be looking at a price around $50,000 US to $60,000 US, to get this up and running in your art gallery or shopping mall.

The DeepFrame One certainly has its benefits in terms of scope and convenience and having augmented reality available in so many different forms has to be promising for its future.

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