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We all know someone who's charger decides to just not charge their smartphone anymore but, a shiny new charging cable might be able to save some digital lives.

The USB93 is a rather clever solution to this dilemma, using a rotating ball to avoid undue stress on the cable and keep things in working order. The USB93 is a USB to Micro USB, USB-C or Apple Lighting cable wrapped in nylon braiding that is designed to keep tangles to a minimum. At one end is the regular USB connection, but the end that plugs into your device has a metal ball joint.

It basically means that, rather than having the cable bend when pulled or pressed up against the dashboard, table or inside of your bag, the metal ball can spin it either to the side or downwards to lessen the strain. Once there it can either be locked in place or left to move freely.

According to the creative team, all of this makes the USB93 the world's first flexible, unbreakable USB cable. Only some serious road-testing could confirm that, but the nifty rotating charger combined with the nylon braiding will surely see it last longer than most.

Other benefits include support for 2.4 A fast-charging and data syncing, along with availability in five different colours. The makers of the USB93 are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the charging cable, with a very warm reception so far having raised over $20,000 after setting out to gather a humble $760.

Shipping is slated for September 2018, and the video can be seen on the Kickstarter page, which will definitely show you that it is well worth it.

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