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Check out these cool PC accessories that you've probably never heard of before.

There are a number of PC products and accessories out there that are not "the norm" or even necessary for your PC system to function. Over and above that, there are some really nifty gadgets available to help you make your workflow, gaming or just general PC use that much more convenient!

Here are some insanely cool PC accessories you've probably never heard of:

PC Panel: The PC panel is a rather simple audio controller that consists of four volume inputs which are fully customisable through the software. You can mute, lower or raise the volume of your choice of apps and programs, and even individual browser tabs.

Pure Loop: The new Pure Loop superior cooler is a PC radiator which is designed for two main functions. The first is to keep you overclocked CPU as cool as possible, which is accomplished by its water-cooled system. Second, to be as quiet as possible. PC cooling has usually got a big downside, and that is noise. The Pure Loop quiet cooler is the perfect solution.

Corsair LT100 LED Lights: Ambient PC lighting has no real benefit besides just looking cool, and there is no better system than the Corsair LT100. The stand has two ways of use; one is to have the light facing the user, and the other is to face backwards to create an ambient glow reflected off the wall. Furthermore, each light stand has its own headphone holder.

ASUS Noise-Cancelling Mic Adaptor: If you make use of your headphone's microphone a lot, for either video conferencing or even gaming, and want to reduce ambient background noise as much as possible, this is your solution. The ASUS Mic Adaptor is a dongle that allows you to run background noise cancellation to mute unwanted ambient sounds from your mic.

Keychron T10 Adaptor Reader: If you're after the ultimate card and adaptor reader, then look no further than the Keychron T10. The T10 has four USB 3.0 inputs, a USB-C input, SD Card Slot, TF Reader, one RGA and VGA each, one HDMI and a Network port as well.

Corsair iCUE NEXUS: The iCUE NEXUS is a touchscreen keyboard/desktop accessory that allows you to control and view a number of different features. These include your CPU temperature, internet speed, Play/Pause, Volume controls, Keyboard ambient colour controls and loads more.

Phanteks NEON LED strips: Another visual mod for your PC would be the Phanteks NEON LED strip lights. These soft ambient glow lights are designed to be fitted inside your PC tower, and give you control over a large selection of colours and pulsing features.

Arquus W72 RGB HDMI: If LED lights are your thing, then you'll be happy to know that there is an HDMI cable that you can buy that has controllable RGB lighting that runs the length of the cable. The only downside would be that you have to connect a USB insert in order to enable the lighting on the HDMI cable, and the price is excessive for its function as well.

CableMod Thumbscrews: Thumbscrews are commonplace in PC towers, and what better way to customize your PC with coloured ones? Thumbscrews are mainly used to secure PCI-Express slots and your side panels.

Logitec Mic Covers: Microphone covers are used to eliminate wind and breath noise. Logitec makes a collection of fun ones, from brightly coloured shapes like stars to emojis and even moustaches.

Respawn 5 Gaming Chewing Gum: Yup, you read that right! Razer makes gaming gum, which is filled with tea extract and vitamins, to keep you energised so that you never lose a game again!

Aceco W10 USB Type-A To Type-C: This cable is similar to the previously mentioned RGB HDMI cable in the sense that it has a coloured LED strip on the side. However, you have to buy it in the colour you want as it doesn't change colour. The advantage, though, is that there are no additional inputs needed to turn the lighting effects on, like with the HDMI cable.


Buy these items here:

iCue LT100 - https://geni.us/LT100

Noise Canceling Dongle - https://geni.us/AINOISE

Phanteks NEON - https://geni.us/PHANEON

RGB HDMI - https://geni.us/RGBHDMI

USB-C RGB - https://geni.us/RGBUSB

Cablemod Thumbscrews - https://geni.us/COLORTHUMB

PCPanel - http://bit.ly/PCPANEL 

iCue LT100 - https://go.corsair.com/dxOkj

iCue NEXUS - https://go.corsair.com/6vynq

Logitech Mic Covers - https://imp.i125364.net/miccover

Razer Respawn - https://razer.a9yw.net/RzGZN

Keychron T10 - https://bit.ly/3m4ok2l


Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hardware Canucks, on Cool PC Accessories You've Never Heard Of.

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