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Photography is, without a doubt, a great hobby to get into. It can actually make you some extra income on the sideline if you wish to do so, which is great because photographic gear doesn't come cheap!

And that's the biggest factor for many people, who soon give up their interest in photography as a result of it costing so damn much!

Anywhere you go on the internet to seek advice on equipment essentials, they will tell you "get this!" and "get that!" But, the reality is that you don't need half the stuff you think you do!

Here are a few things you can easily do without to save money on photography equipment:

  • Filters – Filters come in all different shapes and sizes, but what do they actually do? The most common one to buy when starting off is a UV filter, which does absolutely nothing for your images. It just "protects" the front lens element from dust and scratches, which is a good thing, but taking a little more care of your lenses to protect them works just fine. On a side note, a lot of pro's argue that having a $20 pice of glass over their $2,000 piece of glass is counter productive to image quality.

  • Drones – A drone is a great additional piece of kit to get those areal shots, but they can cost a small fortune! Come down to Earth for now and practice perfecting your photography on the ground first.

  • Expensive Tripods – You are probably told time and time again to get the most expensive tripod you can afford from the start. But all you need is one that is sturdy enough to withstand some wind.

  • SSDs – Having additional storage is great, but do you actually need it right now? If you're not a wildlife photographer who takes several thousand shots and has no access to a computer for days on end, then why waste your money?

  • Cleaning kits – Taking care of your equipment is always a great idea, but cleaning kits can set you back several hundreds of dollars these days. All you need are some clean micro-fibre cloths and possibly a can of compressed air, which is rather cheap. Need a sensor clean? Take it in to get clean, doing it yourself is risky and expensive. If you take it back to Canon or Nikon, chances are they will do it for free.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, James Popsys, on Photography Gear You Shouldn't Buy...

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