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There are many picture editors, photographers and retouchers out there who are still making use of the noble Adobe CS6 version and haven't made the jump to Adobe Creative Cloud, but just how different is CS6 to CC 2021? Well, a lot! Here are a couple of good reasons to considder upgrading to the latest Photoshop editing software:

  • Subcription based vs once off purchase
  • CC 2021 offers cloud storage
  • CC 2021 offers Libraries
  • Aditional software downloads
  • Major features upgrades and improvements
  • Sky replacement & selections
  • Multiple Drop Shadow
  • Smart Object Limitations
  • Blendmode Previews
  • Sample Text
  • Camera Raw Filter
  • Brush stroke smoothing
  • Symmetry painting
  • Advanced Content Aware Fill
  • Object Smart Tool
  • Zoom to Layer Content
  • Advanced Lens Blur
  • Neural Filters

Photoshop CS6 is still without a doubt a fantastic program and a powerful one at that, but its been over 7 years since its release and Adobe doens't even support it anymore. Considdering to move over to CC will not only give you hundreds of new features, it also guaranties you the latest version each and every time at no aditional charge.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Pix Imperfect on Photoshop CS6 vs CC 2021! - 28 Reasons To Upgrade!

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