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These Pikachu themed Razer earbuds will bring you one step closer to becoming the biggest Pokémon diehard fan.

Razer is a company that manufactures mobile and computer accessories such as keyboards, mice and audio equipment. The latest addition to their catalogue is a Pokémon themed Pikachu set of earbuds, and a Pokéball as your storage and charging unit. This new set of earbuds is a must-have collector's item for diehard Pokémon fans.

Elaborately themed tech-gear is not to everyone's taste, and Razor knows this best out of everyone, so they offer exactly the same earbuds but in a classy black finish that will appeal to a completely different market. But for the Pokémon fans out there, the themed earbuds come in a bright yellow colour with a Pikachu icon in the ear-piece to show the world your love for the iconic anime series and franchise.

The Razer Pokémon themed earbuds have noise cancellation, ultra-low latency for better quality audio and touch-enabled voice control, they're also water-resistant for those with a more active lifestyle, so these new Razer Pokémon themed earbuds will be the perfect tech accessory to compliment your Pokémon Go activities.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, on the new Pokémon Pikachu themed earbuds by Razer.

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