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Date: 2018-07-12

For many users, Pinterest is the go-to tool to start planning outfits for the summer, party ideas, weddings and other events.

However, now Pinterest is trying to make its platform even more useful for group planning.

In a recent update, Pinterest is adding an activity feed for group boards, which acts as a timeline of recent activity like pinned items, likes and comments. That should be helpful; before, no one was notified when a new comment was added. The most useful addition may be the added ability to simply leave a comment without attaching it to a specific pin.

Now, group members can just leave a message in the activity feed to start a chat thread, which others can respond to. That should make Pinterest's group boards more useful for starting and hosting discussions, rather than just generating ideas.

The feature is available now on Pinterest's platform, including mobile apps and the web.

Pinterest has been changing how people see pins and boards this year, with the introduction of a number of new sorting options. 

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