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Browser makers used to let you surf the web off the record. Chrome has Incognito, Edge and IE have InPrivate, Opera and Firefox go with private browsing. Mostly, however, it is referred to as porn mode – mainly because there are lots of folks out there that want to keep their NSFW browsing footprint to a minimum.

But private browsing modes, as it turns out, are not really all that private. There are still opportunities for prying eyes to see what you've been up to.

Thank goodness for the good people at Pornhub. They are now offering a VPN service, and best of all you can use if free of charge (as long as you do not mind the odd ad here and there and there, just like viewing free content on Pornhub). There is not even a cap on bandwidth, so you can stream to your heart's content.

The VPN by Pornhub is called VPNhub, when you browse the official FAQ, you will see that it's setup is like many other VPN services out there. 

The VPNhub network features more than 1,000 servers in 15 different countries, so you can let the app automatically select the optimal server or you can choose one yourself. It is handy if you are browsing a site that offers different experiences based on location.

VPNhub also allows you to connect from up to three devices on a single subscription. While it is genuinely unmetered, the free version is only for Android and iOS devices. The reason, according to the company, is because we're mobile-first porn viewers nowadays.

There is also a desktop version for Windows and Mac, but they are only available to subscribers. Those who decide to pay to go premium also get a faster connection. You also have the option to take it for a trial run to see if it meets your expectations.

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