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Devices all around us keep getting smarter and more beautiful by the minute. We have waited long enough, and we have lived in a world where too few plug-points have the most pitiable extension power strips. 

The Casitoo Powerstrip is definitely the answer. It is a stylish multi-power strip that can be customized to each individual's different power needs. 

Designed to be modular, the powerstrip comes with an exhaustive variety of add-ons. Aside from the regular sockets, the Casitoo also has USB ports, a Wi-Fi connectivity hub, a Bluetooth speaker, LED lamp, Wireless Charging hub, and even Ethernet ports! 

The Casitoo Powerstrip literally has everything you need; and if you need more, just plug more modules in. It works on the principle that each person should be able to customize their powerstrip to their needs. With a wide range of colourful cords that really know how to make a statement, flexibility is the key term here, and the Casitoo does it EXTREMELY well!


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