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Premiere Pro is amongst the best editing suite for video and film-makers as it offers one of the best non-linear editing platforms and is based on an open-source foundation with many third-party plug-ins available to its users.

but editing, colour grading and compiling your video masterpiece is only half the job in Premiere Pro CC as you have to know the right exporting settings to ensure your video is both the right codec (the manner in which your audio and video is compressed) as well as the right frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio and pixel aspect ratio and then you also have to ensure your file format is correct and rather universal depending on your intentions with the video.

And once all of this is figured out, you also want to ensure that your final product is a manageable file size as well and not something ridiculous like 15 gigabytes in size for a 30-minute clip.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Javier Mercedes on the Best Video Export Settings For Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021...

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