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One of the world's most famous particle physicists, Brian Cox, got the opportunity to have a chat with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The latter was amongst those who flew in the Gemini programs, as well as being a part of the crew of Apollo 11 who were the first humans to walk on the moon. So you could guess that in their discussion with all that brainpower, the room must have smelt like burnt batteries!

Buzz Aldrin explains the story behind his infamous picture on his spacewalk on the Gemini mission, which would later become known as the first-ever space selfie. That famous picture of him on the lunar surface, taken by his colleague Neil Armstrong, would later become the most famous picture of an astronaut of all time. When people ask Aldrin what makes it so special, he replies "There are three words I tell them when they ask me that: location, location, location!"

Buzz also gives his take on why the Saturn V was the right choice for the Apollo program, and not the bigger rockets. This has been a rather controversial discussion over the years, but Buzz adds: "If we didn't use the Saturn V, Yuri Gagarin might have very well been the first man to erect a flag on the moon, and it wouldn't have been American"

Take a look at the video below by the youTube channel, Science Museum, on Professor Brian Cox Meets Buzz Aldrin...

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