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Check out this insane face mask called Project Hazel by Razer.

The tech company, Razer, has shifted its focus to developing an innovative and tech savvy face mask to help combat the spread of Covid-19. What they came up with is arguably the world's smartest face mask.

Their mindset was to create a mask that was safe, social and sustainable. The Project Hazel face mask is rated as best in its class for safety, with a surgical N95 respirator rating It provides an incredibly high resistance to fluids from drops and splashes, with its lock-tight design, and an active ventilation system that provides a 95% bacterial filtration efficiency.

Razer also looked at how they can improve on social interaction with the mask. The Project Hazel face mask has a transparent cover which allows for the user's mouth to be seen, thus allowing facial gestures to be seen when communicating. And, to top it off, the Project Hazel face mask has a waterproof speaker system. This allows a user's voice to be clearly projected during speech, thus eliminating a muffled sound caused by more conventional face masks.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Razer, on Project Hazel – The Worlds Smartest Face Mask.

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