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Have you ever wondered how it feels to pull 7Gs or more as you go supersonic in a fighter jet? To find out what it is like for regular human beings, we join the US Air Force Thunderbirds for a flight.

Dustin from SmarterEveryDay is one lucky fellow. Recently, he received an invitation to fly in an F-16 fighter jet. Now, Dustin isn't a regular YouTuber who does things like this just for entertainment, nope, his channel is all about science and discovery. People can actually learn amazing things from him.

In this video, it's all about what's going on with the aircraft and the human body. What happens when speed and G-forces are more than what most people will ever experience. Piloting the aircraft is Thunderbird 8, callsign Flack, who explains that this flight is what they call Spatial Disorientation training. It's "something all fighter pilots go through so they can understand how their physiology works under these conditions."

It's mind-blowing to consider the sheer forces these pilots put themselves through. For example, gravity is pulling you down at 1G, so now imaging how heavy your head will feel when you're doing manoeuvres at 7, 8 or 9+ Gs? These planes are so efficient that it is the boundaries of the human body that limit the aircraft.

Interesting, too, is the physics of what is happening to the aircraft when it reaches and exceeds supersonic speed. Not only that, but how are they able to fly sideways and upside down? Well, Dustin and the Thunderbird team have the answers.

Flying in one of these may only be a dream to most of us, but Dustin documented his journey through the air, and the video below will teach you all about the science behind flying at these limits. Hit play and enjoy as SmarterEveryDay and the US Air Force Thunderbirds explore the horizon.

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