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Razer is one of those super cool gaming companies that is not shy to test out some rather bold prototype ideas and even put them into production. They have created many non-gaming related products as well such as a metal drinking straw and even a highly efficient facemask, but that's not what they are mainly known for.

Razer has just announced a concept that they call Project Sophia which is a modular and customisable and fully integrated gaming desk PC that features absolutely everything you can think of from high-quality audio speakers, touchscreen panels, Chroma RGB lighting and a 77-inch OLED display.

The key feature of the Razer Project Sophia are:

  • Display - 65-inch OLED or 77-inch OLED
  • Processor - The Latest Intel Processor
  • Graphics - The latest NVIDIA GPU
  • Number Of Modules - 13
  • Lighting - Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Design - Custom PCB Magnetic Chassis Glass Desktop PC

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Razer's Brand New Project Sophia Brings Desktop PC's To Another Level...

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