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Putting a real life Lightsaber through the ultimate test, what will it cut through?

The fabricators behind YouTube channel, The Hacksmith, developed and built a real-life working lightsaber with a steampunk authentic look and feel. But, the question is, how well does it hold up in comparison to scenes in the Starwars movie franchise?

To answer this, the creators of the real-life lightsaber set up a variety of tests, including metal doors, aluminium frames, polystyrene, meat and even a Storm Trooper!

Needless to say, the lightsaber sliced through them all like butter! However, it definitely took much longer to burn through some of the materials that what was depicted in the movies. Also, in order to supply the lightsaber with the fuel it needs (oxygen and propane) the user needs to have a backpack filled with canisters, unlike the movies as well.

But regardless of that, the test brought us that much closer to the real thing!

Take a look at the video below that will bring you right back to your childhood geeky dreams.

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