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Ridy is an artificial intelligence device that will help drivers stay focused on the road and can pick up when you get distracted or drowsy while driving from A to B.

Drowsy and distracted driving kills thousands of people every year. 30% of drivers every month face this problem. Students, shift workers, and new parents risk the most. That's why some smart people decided to solve this problem with technology. Meet Ridy – the first smart driver's alert.

Ridy uses machine vision analytics to determine whether you are concentrated on the road. It continuously analyses eye blinking frequency, eyes movement, and other facial expression patterns.

Often during drives you can get sleepy, and with that, your eyes also begin to shut slowly. The devices use AI and machine learning technology to determine if you are concentrated on the road or not. The device keeps analysing the blinking frequency, eye movement, and other facial expressions to ensure that the driver is alerted. Ridy can calculate if your blinking is normal or exaggerated and brings your attention back.

Ridy can even determine your concentration if you are wearing spectacles. The advanced algorithm of Ridy works with glasses and lenses both. This life-saving device is also suitable for anyone who wants to ensure that they are safe and distraction-free on the road.

Ridy monitors when you are distracted from driving, it installs on any car in 60 seconds and the best part of it all is that it does not need any Internet connection, it is completely private.

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