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Take a look at these incredible ship carriers that are semi-submersible, and are specially designed to carry other ships, like a seaborne flatbed.

Since the infancy of large boats and ships, if the ship was fatally damaged, there would be quite literally nothing you could do. Well, besides save the crew and passengers with the help of lifeboats and safety features. But what about the ship itself?

Furthermore, it is becoming less common for ship manufacturers to build the ship in its entirety at one location. It's far more cost-effective to have parts of the ship assembled at various areas around the globe by different manufacturers and specialists. But, getting a 600-metre monstrosity that has no engine from Ireland to China proves to be slightly difficult.

That's where semi-submersible ships come in. These specialised ships make use of ballast tanks which flood with water in order to lower the cargo bed below sea level, and quite literally allow them to piggyback an entire ship.

These ballast tanks have automatic levelling systems, which are able to detect if the payload is unevenly balanced, and therefor counterweight the offset with the correct amount of water deep within the ship's hull.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Not What You Think, on A Ship That Carries Other Ships.

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