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Take a look at this incredible underwater quarry hotel in Shanghai.

Cities that are known for their incredibly futuristic and ambitious architecture include Dubai, Singapore, New York and Vancouver. With most of them having one thing in common, how tall their buildings can be. But that is not necessarily the case with this underwater hotel made inside a huge quarry in Shanghai, China.

Just 30 kilometres away from Shanghai's skyline lies an incredible architectural structure extending down into the Earth. Inside a gigantic quarry is an eighteen story intercontinental hotel, and it is surely an amazing structure.

The eighteen storey hotel has its two upper levels exposed above ground level, fourteen levels that are built up against the inside of the quarry, and two more levels that are underground. These bottom two floors are part of an underground aquarium, which makes for a very attractive and rather different touristic attraction.

When selecting the location for the hotel, the quarry was an attractive choice in order to protect the locations landscape and environmental reserves. The massive hotel is not really even visible and doesn't impact the area's skyline at all.

Take a look at the incredible pictures in the video below by YouTube channel, The B1M, on Shanghai's Underwater Quarry Hotel.

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