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Should you actually use a webcam cover or not? What do tech companies say, and am I at risk of being spied on if I don't use one?

Do you get an uneasy feeling when you're just simply using your laptop but, at the back of your mind, you know you have a camera staring at you in the face? Well, you're not alone, but should you actually use a webcam cover or not? Well, the answer to that is maybe...

Apple released an article stating that users should not use a webcam cover. There have been many reports of people damaging their laptop displays because of them, and that covering your camera also covers the Laptop's light detector. This will confuse the computer into thinking it is dark in your environment thus outputting maximum brightness all the time, which can drastically increase battery consumption.

But, aside from all that, how much risk am I at if I don't make use of a webcam cover? Well, hacking into a camera is no easy task, yet it is possible. You'll have to ask yourself, why would someone want to spy on me personally? DO they have a reason to do so? And, if you're still suspicious, then get yourself a good malware protector, and possibly an ultra-thin webcam cover that won't potentially damage your laptop's display.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, CNET, on Should You Use A Webcam Cover Or Not?

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