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Wildlife and sports photographers are usually the ones who take advantage of the super-telephoto lenses from around 500mm and up to give the advantage of getting a closer up perspective and tighter crop image from a greater distance away which is advantageous as usually sports photographers are limited to the boundary lines of the pitch/field or stadium, and wildlife photographers would usually prefer not to get too up close and personal with their dangerous subjects!

However, with that said, telephoto lenses usually have a maximum aperture of around F4 for a fairly good one, but in some cases, apertures of F4 are not wide enough to allow for faster shutter speeds in lower light situations where the subject might be moving quite quickly and a flash may not be used in these situations and sometimes the camera body is limited to a lower-rated usable ISO.

This is why this Sigma 200 - 500mm F2.8 is such an attractive telephoto due to its far wider maximum aperture that allows an extra stop of light for those lower light situations.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Christopher Frost on the Special: Sigma 200 - 500mm f2.8 EX DG 'Green Giant' Lens Review With Samples...

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