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It's time for a change of pace, as we watch Chris Ramsay solve the most difficult level-10 jigsaw puzzle ever made.

A chap by the name of Yuu Asaka is a legendary puzzle-maker. He develops puzzles that are almost impossible to solve. In this case, it's only a 29-piece puzzle that fits into a small, white square.

Easy, right? Wrong. For starters, it comes with five corner pieces. Oh yes, and they are transparent, which means that they can be placed on either side. Then, not all of the edge pieces actually go to the edge.

Mind. Blown.

Now, Chris Ramsay is a magician and master puzzle-solver. Not just jigsaw's though, those are actually his least favourite. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to solving all kinds of incredible puzzles, from locked boxes to key-puzzles, modular and lock-puzzles too.

So, a 29-piece jigsaw should be a piece of cake. Especially seeing as a 7-year-old girl managed to do it too. But it's not, this puzzle is intense, and it'll have you scratching your head.

To see what we mean, then check him out in action below. It'll leave you wanting to get your hands on the puzzle to have a crack at it too. Really, really!

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