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Black Ops 4's multiplayer is in full swing, with players having more than a week since launch to determine the stronger weapons in the game.

YouTuber, TheXclusiveAce, ran his through-test and made a video showing off the ten fastest TTK weapons in Black Ops 4. TTK stands for time-to-kill and is a measurement in seconds of how long it will take to eliminate a full-health enemy. TTK is not the only factor in a weapon's performance since things like accuracy, equipped movement speed and range can make a huge difference but, for the most part, the lower TTK the better.

The infamous ICR has been a target of frustrated players calling for nerfs since launch, though the gun only clocks in at the 10th spot in raw TTK potential. The Rampart AR with High Caliber equipped can actually kill much faster than the ICR and takes up the 7th spot on the list. The Rampart has more recoil and less range than the ICR.

Operator mods play a large role in the fastest TTK weapons in the game, with the Auger, Swordfish and Spitfire showing off times that would be at home in older, faster TTK Call of Duty games.

Competitive players will have to wait for the CWL ruleset to determine if LMGs, High Caliber attachments and Operator Mods will be allowed in competitive play. For the complete list that will help you improve your Black Ops 4 performance, you can check out TheXclusiveAce’s video below.

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