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Sony wants to make it feel like it is festive season again, they want to clear some end-of-winter stock. They are putting the PSVR on sale again with discounts that make picking up the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset look a lot more affordable.

The company is offering discounts on three PSVR bundles, with the best of the best going for $199.99, which includes Gran Turismo Sport, the PSVR headset and the PlayStation Camera – which is necessary for Virtual Reality. These bundles will be available at a discounted price for a limited time, running from Sunday, February 18 to March 3rd.

The other two packages are more expensive. There is the Doom bundle, which swaps out Gran Turismo for Doom VFR and costs $299.99. Then there is the Skyrim bundle, which includes Skrim VR and two PlayStation Move Motion controllers, in addition to the headset and camera. In all cases, you are getting a $50 to $100 discount on the normal bundle price.

The Gran Turismo bundle is by far the best option since it is the cheapest. In the end, it is all up to you as the buyer, but remember, you have two weeks to make up your mind, so go, go, go!

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