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Elon Musk's image reveals just how giant the SpaceX Starship rocket actually is.

The next generation of innovative and state of the art space rockets developed by SpaceX is the Starship, which is currently in production. There have been hundreds of digital renderers on how the SpaceX Starship will look, and many will believe it's something purely out of science fiction, but you'd be wrong, this is exactly how it will look.

But we have all been waiting in anticipation to how the SpaceX Starship looks like in real life, or at least the progress of it, and now we're all in luck.

A Twitter post by Elon Musk shows the actual development of the SpaceX Starship, and it is giant, to say the least! The SpaceX Starship measures at 50 metres, or 160 ft high, with a diameter of 30 ft, but these figures are without any boosters, and without boosters, you're going nowhere! With the boosters, the SpaceX Starship measures at over 400 ft tall!

Judging by the image posted by Elon Musk, you can get a clear comparison to its size with an engineer standing next to it, which just puts things into perspective.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on the SpaceX Starship - Elon Musk's Image Shows Its Giant Size.

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