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Here's a throwback to when Steve Jobs introduced the first-ever iMac to the world in August of 1998.

The launch of the first iMac would go on to change the way the consumer considered possible in terms of the personal computer. As Apple released the first iMac to compete with what IBM was offering, it totally blew people away with its impressive and never before seen specs, not to mention its stunning design.

The first generation iMac featured the biggest screen ever offered with a home computer, at 15" and a resolution of 1024 x 768, it6 stole the show. And they didn't go cheap on the processor either, with one of the most powerful CPUs ever fitted into a home computer at the time, the G3 233 MHz processor with a 0.5MB backside cache.

The keyboard and mouse also received a fresh new look with the first iMac. The keyboard offered two built-in USB ports, and the mouse was one that you simply had to touch because it looked so good!

Furthermore, the entire computer was built into the screen, and featured an array of vibrant colours to choose from. Also, the fact that the casing was semi-translucent made it look futuristic, modern and appealing.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, JoshuaG, on The First iMac Introduction.

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