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DJs do not need a hard drive anymore because streaming is so much more convenient, plus, it also does not fill up all the space on your 128GB smartphone.

Not all streaming offerings are cut from the same cloth though. Outfits like SoundCloud had to change things up to survive in the music streaming industry. One thing SoundCloud has always got right is to focus on indie music producers and DJs. SoundCloud has created a platform for these artists to share their music and engage with the communities of not so mainstream musos and fans at large. Now those DJs will be able to mix in real-time with streamed music.

SoundCloud announced that DJs will soon be able to mix and perform live by streaming their favourite content from SoundCloud's catalogue. This is made possible by SoundCloud's partnership with different DJ software companies (like Native Instruments, Serato, Virtual DJ, DEX 3, Mixvibes, and Hercules). Upcoming versions of the various mixing applications will integrate with SoundCloud directly, giving DJs the ability to browse the library available on SoundCloud directly through their preferred software.

DJs that perform using digital music typically download their content ahead of time and mix from a locally-stored library of songs. This SoundCloud feature will allow them to mix music that is not present on their hard drive but rather on the cloud.

The new feature will only be available for users with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription (which will cost you $9.99, or about R150 a month), even if you already have a Pro or Pro Unlimited account.

Although Spotify already has a similar type of feature, it’s not integrated directly with the mixing programs that DJs use – so this is a strategic play for SoundCloud. SoundCloud’s new integration with selected DJ software will roll out in 2019.

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