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It's been nearly two decades since we spotted the Concorde in flight, with the last one permanently grounded on the 24th of October 2003. The Concorde was developed by Air France and British Airways as an ultra-exclusive supersonic commercial airline that could travel at over twice the speed of sound.

However, the retirement of the Concorde was due to a number of reasons, both economical and environmental.

Nearly two decades later, and there's a new aviation manufacturer is in town. They're called Boom, and are testing their brand new supersonic commercial aircraft called the XB-1.

Unlike the Concorde, however, the XB-1 will be completely carbon neutral. It'll also be significantly quieter than that of the Concorde when it reaches supersonic cruising speeds.

The XB-1 will be capable of flying from New York to London in 3.5 hours, San Francisco to Tokyo in 6 hours, and Los Angeles to Sydney in 8.5 hours!

Unlike the Concorde, where only twenty were ever built, Boom predicts that by the end of the decade the majority of commercial aircraft will be supersonic. Boom has already received orders from United Airlines to add the XB-1 to their fleet.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Today, on Supersonic Travel: United Airlines Signs Deal To Buy New Planes...

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