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A Sweedish engineering company has developed a new and innovative door handle that has the ability to self-sanitise.

It's officially time that the world rids itself of becoming "down with the sickness", and the lack of innovation thereof to do so will leave you feeling quite disturbed!

But, fortunately for you and I, there are a few innovative thinkers out there who are creating ingenious and bizarrely simple solutions to further reduce the impact of Covid-19. This includes potentially other dreaded illnesses that may be sitting on subject matter we physically make contact with on a daily bases without thinking twice about it, such as a door handle.

A Swedish company has developed a door handle that has a special ability to sanitise and disinfect itself after each and every use. It works by having a little ring that carries an alcohol-based sanitiser over the entire bar of the door handle, and is triggered by the motion of someone pulling down on the lever. So, you can be confident knowing that, after opening the door, your hands have not come into contact with any potentially harmful virus.

This door handle would be highly useful in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and even hotels.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Mehfooz Official Tech, on the Smart Self Disinfecting Door Handle From CleanMotion.

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