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With Nintendo, Sega and Atari releasing old-school consoles from the 80s and 90s, Koch Media has decided to jump into the mix with a mini version of the classic Commodore 64.

The original Commodore 64 was released in 1982 and sold strongly for over a decade. Developed by Retro Games this gaming is focused on a classic reinterpretation that will come with a number of pre-installed games that can be enjoyed via a joystick. The Commodore 64 doesn't just emulate games, by plugging in a USB connection, the system can also recreate its home computer functionalities, making it easier for hobbyists to code their own games. 

The Commodore 64 console is often credited with popularizing home computers, and just like other retro re-releases, the mini-console is powered through the USB and outputs to a TV via HDMI. Software-wise, the games can be saved anywhere and the visuals can be filtered through different mods, including pixel-perfect, CRT and scanline emulation. 

Retro Games says that the Commodore 64 is just the first product in a line of classic recreations, and a full-sized and fully-functioning version is due for release later in 2018. 



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