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The computer mouse is something we are all so familiar with that it is hard to imagine a time where the basic home computer never even had them!

Back in the day, people used to say that you technically don't even need a mouse, but that has completely changed. There are so many systems, programs, apps and even operating systems that rely on a computer mouse heavily, but who actually invented the mouse?

The first computer mouse was invented by a computer engineer and inventor Douglas Engelbart at the Standford Research Institute in 1964. The housing of the mouse was made out of wood and had a red button on the top where your index finger could reach. Underneath there were two thin metal wheels that would only move left to right in a straight line or up and down but never at the same time!

This mouse, however, never caught on until 1984 where Apple included a mouse with the first Macintosh, since then, we have been using a computer mouse ever since!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on The First Computer Mouse Looked Like This - Shorts...

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