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The Mountain Everest is the future of gaming keyboards.

Mountain has released their Everest range of gaming keyboards. The idea was to release a base keyboard with optional accessories you could buy to suit your needs and gaming style.

The full Mountain Everest system consists of the gaming keyboard, removable keypad and the media docking display.

The removable keypad connects to either side of the keyboard and connects via a retractable USB Type-C and magnets, and the same goes for the media docking display.

The media display has a round screen and a variety of buttons and controls that are fully customisable and can display anything from a timer, a clock, keyboard settings, colour and breathing effects as well as PC statistics like CPU temperature and performance.

They Mountain Everest keyboard buttons are removable and customisable as well, so you could swap out your keys with translucent and alternative colours and finishes if you wanted to do so.

Having these options in a keyboard might be a bit of an overkill, but especially for gaming, having the most versatile and customisable keyboard layout is always a welcoming addition to your gaming rig.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hardware Canucks, on The Future Of Gaming Keyboards Is Here - The Mountain Everest Review.

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