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Zen has upgraded its portable chair concept with the Sitpack Zen X Series.

YouTube channel host of Unbox Therapy reviews all kinds of new tech, but this is the first time he dives into his comment section to find his viewers recommending tech for him, and it is not that high tech. Unbox Therapy's host was asked why he doesn't use a chair while presenting his YouTube videos, and that got him thinking, what kinds of high-tech chairs are available on the market today?

It turns out that there are several options available for a high-tech chair such as the Sitpack Zen X Series which is a portable one-legged chair that folds up from a tiny size that you can carry with you in your backpack or handbag. But a good point was brought up, when will you actually need this chair? It has a lot to do with your lifestyle, perhaps if you attend a lot of festivals, waiting in queues, concerts and maybe even the odd picnic.

But we are still not entirely sure we understand the point of it, how many queues do you have to be waiting in per month in order to convince yourself to invest in a chair specifically for that and the same goes for festivals and music concerts, why would you be sitting down anyway? What we can't deny, is that it is actually a pretty cool, high-tech and futuristic looking chair! And that is why you should buy one!

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