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We have all heard the phrase "your cellphone has more processing power than the rocket that took the first person to the moon". But what a blasé and ignorant comment that is...

The LVDC (Launch Vehicle Digital Computer) onboard the mighty Saturn V rocket was developed, by hand, at IMB in the mid-1960s, far before any personal computer ever existed. The LVDC was located in the "control ring", which had all the telemetry and communication systems, and was responsible for controlling the gimbals that would steer the 5 S F-1 engines. Each of these producing 1,522,000 LB of thrust to lift the 2.8 million kilogram rocket into space.

Host of the YouTube channel, Smarter Every Day, Destin Wilson Sandlin, invited computer expert Linus Sebastian over to Huntsville, Alabama, to check out the original computer in the Saturn V rocket, They also met the man who built it in the 1960s and, needless to say, they had their minds blown at the engineering and sciences involved!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Smarter Every Day, on How Did NASA Steer The Saturn V Rocket? - Smarter Every Day 223...

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