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Using a mouse can sometimes be quicker and more convenient when working on your laptop, especially with gaming. Although the ZCAN exterior makes it seem as if it is a normal mouse, the magic actually lies underneath where the device is able to scan any text and upload it immediately to your computer. Textbook diagrams, tables, pictures, articles in the newspaper and recipes at the back of a cereal box are now readily available digitally. The ZCAN is also able to scan up to A3 sized pages and stitch it together on your computer.

It differs from a conventional scanner in that it recognizes text, uploading it onto the computer as a Word or Excel document. The scanned item gets uploaded to a program that allows you to edit the item and either save it or share it on social media. 

The best part is that it can translate a scanned text from another language into your home language, making sure you don't order the fried tarantula on the Vietnamese menu because sometimes in Rome you just can't do as the Romans do! At $129 its well worth the money.

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