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The Falcon 20 by Garrett will go down in history as the first and only private jet to feature an afterburner.

A French business jet manufacturer named Garrett produced a one-of-a-kind private jet that would not only carry its passengers in utmost style and luxury but would do so in record-breaking speeds. The Garrett Falcon 20 was the first and only passenger private jet to be fitted with an afterburner.

In 1988, The Garrett Falcon 20 was first tested and used for the United States Coast Guard, where it would forever be called by its nickname, The Guardian. The Garrett Falcon 20 was intended to be used solely as a rescue and drug smuggling prevention aircraft. But soon, it caught the interest of private and business buyers who were attracted by the fact that it had an afterburner and was incredibly quick.

The stunningly designed Garrett TFE1042 engine could provide 4260 lb-ft of force, and was labelled as one of the most efficient and reliable military specs engines ever produced.

So, why then are they not commonplace today? To find out, take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Dark Footage, on The First And Only Business Jet To Have An Afterburner.

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