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Blackberry mobile phones had their time on top, now they're nothing. Here is a story about the rise and fall of Blackberry.

Blackberry entered the mobile phone market when pagers were still highly used in 1999, but, what set Blackberry apart from its competitors at the time was the fact that Blackberry had a full Qwerty keyboard. Blackberry, which actually got its name from their keyboard buttons that resembled a Blackberry, grew drastically in popularity around 2008 when business phones were at the top of mobile phone consumption. Blackberry continued to grow until it reached its peak, where it was responsible for supplying a massive 30% to all mobile phone purchases in the world in that period. That's around what Apple has now with the iPhone in terms of sales and popularity, which is huge!

But then something happened. For many years, Blackberry was a premium mobile phone brand which was innovative and appealed to many different markets. They didn't have many competitors or any real threats, but that was all about to change for Blackberry. In 2007, Steve Jobs hosted one of their most iconic and revolutionary product release seminars, and launched the iPhone. Blackberry, at the time, couldn't believe that a phone with that much capability and functionality would ever come to exist, and worse, be affordable to the general public. And Blackberry was right, the first iPhone had many issues and problems, and simply didn't work as advertised. But after a few short months, Apple solved many of their issues and the iPhone started working properly. It grew drastically in popularity, but Blackberry simply couldn't keep up, leading to eventual bankrupcy.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Cold Fusion, on the rise and fall of Blackberry.

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