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It's hard to think of another corporate rival that is longer lasting than that of Coca Cola and Pepsi with each at each other's throats for over a century already.

But in the early 1990s, Pepsi hit the drawing board and developed a new product called Crystal Pepsi which was designed to taste exactly like the original Pepsi product and contain the same ingredients however, the drink was clear as that of Sprite and 7-Up. Millions of dollars were spent by Pepsi to market Crystal Pepsi as being "pure" and to their surprise, the drink did fairly well right off the start.

At the time, Coca Cola focussed mainly on Diet drinks as their alternatives. But then shortly after the release of Crystal Pepsi, Coca Cola released a product that even the CEO admits was just released to spite Pepsi and that was Tab Clear. Tab Clear was also clear in appearance, but unlike Crystal Pepsi, Tab Clear was Sugar-Free and Caffeine Free but because of its Clear label, Coca Cola knew that these two rival products would be placed together in supermarkets and thus the consumer would associate Crystal Pepsi as also a sugar and caffeine free alternative to the main product and this would never be as hot of a seller as the standard version, and that's exactly what happened.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Today I Found Out on That Time Coca Cola Release A Product Just To Spite Pepsi...

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