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Segway takes old-school rollerblading to the next level with their latest launch of the Drift W1; the first product in the new e-skates category. Using the stable self-balancing technology the company is known for, the Drift W1 resembles a hoverboard scaled down and split in two. 

These skates look like something out of The Jetsons, with their black-and-white, angular design, and they do look a little hazardous, as Engadget points out. 

It seems that you simply step up on top of the Drift W1 with each foot balance on them without being strapped on in any way, and then lean to start moving. It makes sense that you wouldn't be hooked in – you need to be able to jump off if there's a problem. However, managing two independent self-balancing objects seems like it could be a bit harder to get the hang of than just jumping on a big, wide board.

The Segway Drift W1 aims to take the place of older ‘fun mobility products’, including roller skates and inline skates, bringing together the company’s cool attitude and its high-quality engineering. The black and white e-skates are designed to be easy to carry, lightweight and small, with tires that improve stability and steering capabilities and feature high-quality materials such as slip-resistance on foot mats.

Will people actually use these e-skates? I probably shouldn’t guess, because I would have said “no” to hoverboards, and that was obviously very wrong. Here’s hoping we at least get to see an e-skate derby.

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