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Kitty Hawk presents Flyer; an ultralight aircraft designed to be easy to fly and flown for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas.

The flying vehicle maintains an altitude of 3 meters and can reach a speed of 20mph. The Silicone Valley startup, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has designed the flyer with all electric motors powered by lithium polymer batteries.

This version of Flyer features a complete cockpit and ten small rotors to keep the craft aloft. The entire contraption is controlled by two joysticks in the cockpit, and the entire craft hovers in place when not actively being driven.

The personal aircraft is made of a highly durable composite material that is lightweight, aerodynamic, and waterproof. So far it has only 20 minutes of flying time, yet the company aims to make the flyer a travelling alternative to cars and achieve "a world free from traffic".

Kitty Hawk hopes that someday Flyer will be used to put a flying car in every garage. The startup is still a long way from reaching that goal, but it sees the launch of the Flyer as a good first step. It remains to be seen whether that's correct.

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