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If you really want a home cinema projector, but don't have the money for it, then why not build your own as this chap did.

Many of us aren't particularly good with building things, but then you get guys like Matt from DIY Perks on YouTube that makes things look simple. In fact, he makes constructing this pure 4k home cinema projector look so easy, you may be inspired to give it a go yourself.

Now, Matt suggests that a commercially available home cinema is 20 times more expensive than this build. Realistically, though, that's probably impossible unless you already have many of the parts available, although it is still significantly cheaper.

In the video, Matt explains the principals behind projection, then goes through the hardware required, and the materials you'll need to complete the build.

The hardware includes a 100 watt LED, a heatsink, a power board, Fresnel lenses, a 4k LCD panel and control board, and large-format camera lenses.

For the housing, you'll need aluminium, threaded rods, nuts, bolts, wood, black vinyl and a front-surface mirror. You'll also need tools, like a drill, metal files, pliers and something to cut the aluminium with.

Matt does an excellent job of explaining, step-by-step, how he does each section of the build, revealing why he uses particular parts and the science behind it. He also supplies us with a PDF DIY Guide that you can download should you want to try this project yourself, which is really good of him.

So, if you're looking for an excellent solution to your home cinema needs on a budget, then best you watch this video below.

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