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Date: 2018-10-12

Designed by a company with the name of Skeletonics Inc, the mechanical exoskeleton mimics your movement without battery or motors.

It has a mechanical master-slave system to let you walk, stretch its arms, and perform other dynamic moves. In order to operate the 2.6 metre-tall skeletonic contraption, is as simple as climbing into its metal frame and moving your arms and legs. Just like an extension of the human body, the whole structure moves and responds to natural body movement and energy.

The video was taken at the Maker Faire in Japan, which can be seen below. It is one of the biggest events for inventors to show off their creations. Sometimes you see some of the coolest stuff, especially like this exoskeleton.

The mechanical exoskeleton does not use any batteries or motors and is simply all mechanics. It requires no electricity, it also offers no boost to the wearer's strength or speed, and isn't likely to become a feature of nursing care or disaster relief efforts anytime soon. The robots are available to rent, or to buy for the low, low price of $49,800. 

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