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This is a gadget that you might have never thought of, or even knew that you needed.

Smart home technology is becoming more affordable and accessible than ever before as technologies emerge to integrate all of our connected devices. But as the Internet of Things (IoT) start taking over, what so ever will happen to the perfectly working items that do not respond to 'OK Google' or 'Hello Alexa'?

Amsterdam-based Frolic Studio has come up with a solution that transforms our everyday products into smart devices. Dubbed as the 'Smartians', they have designed a series of actuators that turn physical experiences into digital ones. These tiny actuators work as mechanical add-ons that perform a specific functionality like pulling, pushing, twisting, rotating and releasing different objects.

These Smartians can turn the lights on and off, put the kettle on, and even water the plants, all you have to do is simply snap the add-on you want to the Smartian and the tactle experience around your house become smart ones. All attachments come with a base and a smart hub which connects to the cloud device working in your home, giving Google Home or Alexa power over devices both new and old.

All you simply have to do is set up the Smartians to run using IFTTT or voice commands so you can open the blinds and turn the heating on without even getting out of bed. Alternatively, you can communicate with individual actuators using the app. Frolic Studio has also considered the use of Smartians within large homes, giving each actuator the capability to pass on messages to others which are too far from the hub. Its worth noting that the hub can also be used to charge each Smartian, giving it up to months of usage time.

The Smartian is currently a functional proof-of-concept, designed and developed by founding partners of Frolic Studio, Andrew Spitz and Ruben van der Vleuten. The studio is currently gauging interest among investors who share their belief that old products should not be thrown away, just because they are not IoT connected. Have a look at each little device in the video below, it is so worth it.

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