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With a minimalistic design, six lenses and inspired by human visual systems, the powerful and premium Obsidian is here.

The Obsidian is an unshakeable force to reckon with as Kandao’s VR camera comes to life, sporting 6 fisheye lenses arranged in a hexagonal layout. But that is not all...

Here’s where the mind-boggling feature list begins. The Obsidian doesn’t just shoot in 360°. It shoots in 3D 360°, using a clever algorithm that processes both left and right channels, stitching together the videos and images captured in real-time. Impressive? But how about the fact that it also shoots 8K at 30fps?

Most 360° VR experiences fall short in one aspect. They’re flat (which means there’s no difference between the left-eye and right-eye channels), unlike our human eyes that see in 3D.

Obsidian’s ground-breaking 3D VR technology literally captures immersive video the way our eyes see the world, and with an 8K resolution, promises to be the world’s most mind-meltingly immersive VR camera ever.

No wonder it won an innovation award at CES, a German Design Award, an iF Design Award, AND got some serious compliments from Facebook’s VR engineer director, Brian Cabral.

Don't believe us, why not see for yourself?

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