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Take any stylus you can find, it closely resembles a writing instrument. It’s never been anything visually more than a pen or a pencil.

However, the designer Yonghwan Kim sees the Wacom stylus in a different way. The Wacom Normal Series concept brings diversity to that approach. The conceptual series come as a set comprising a stylus, that looks like the one we’re all too familiar with, and an eraser that isn’t mounted on the reverse end of the stylus, but is rather a separate entity, opening up the gates for a new product, interaction, experience, and language.

The eraser, a thing of sheer beauty, is much more versatile than the stylus, coming with three ways to use it. Based on an amalgamation of different eraser shapes, the digital eraser (let’s call it that for now) comes with a slanted flat head, and a rounded backside, allowing you to use its tip for erasing sharp lines, the entire flat edge for wider sharp strokes, and the rounded part for a soft eraser effect. What’s more, these digital erases also pressure sensitive.

Truly mimicking an artist’s instruments, the stylus and digital eraser together open a wide number of possibilities, it gives artists more freedom to use the digital format as they would with any traditional setup. The two instruments come together as a set, with a case that also doubles up as a stand for the stylus… partially because you’re not going to be using the stylus’ back end as an eraser, while the true reason being you’re probably going to want to play more with the eraser’s brilliant new experience!

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