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The infamous Grand Theft Auto game franchise has been a favourite since its initial release way back in the 1990s and with each new version, it never fails to hit record sales and publicity.

But overall these years and many versions of the game that make up the entire franchise, it seems as if each new release is taking longer and longer to be developed and released. Many people say that the delay is simply because each new game is far more intricate, detailed and involved than the last, hence the reason why it takes far longer to produce, but that can't necessarily be the case as many other gaming franchises manage to do the impossible in record time with no compromise in the experience.

The last time a GTA was released was 2013 with GTA V. It's been nearly a decade with no official word of what to expect from GTA VI and fans are taking it to the extreme!

Now, this story might not necessarily be all that authentic as we can't imagine this man is serious about demanding where his GTA VI is as he crashes a live TV show, but we feel his pain nevertheless. 

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on A Man Crashes Live TV Show To Ask Where His GTA IV Is...

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