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Australia has opened the country's first-ever wave pool, which features a giant plunger that creates 2,400 waves per hour – basically, every surfer's dream.

Surf Lakes International opened a man-made surfing lagoon, located near Yeppoon on Queensland's Capricorn Coast, which utilizes a plunging, wave-generating technology that creates a "tsunami-style" 360-degree surge and the most wave output for any proposed artificial wave tech in the world.

It's also the world's first multi-break surf park, where five different levels of waves – ranging from 3ft to 8ft face height – are created simultaneously, so surfers of all levels can hang-ten, from beginner to pro.

The giant plunger, which weighs 1,400 tons, is driven by compressed air in the centre, according to the Daily Mail. Many have compared it to a Mad Max-style steampunk device as it releases a hiss of steam when it plunges.

Staffers and surfers, including world champions and ambassadors, Mark Occhilupo and Barton Lynch, were just some of the first people to experience the waves at the pool during a private demonstration.

Smaller waves were produced during the prototype testing, but Surf Lakes promises "bigger waves to come."

Surf Lakes will not only have the highest wave productivity, producing 2,400 waves per hour (allowing up to 240 surfers in the lake at the same time, all catching 10 waves per hour), it will also have the most breaks in a wave pool with 10 separate waves (four left and four right reef breaks, plus two beginner waves), and will be the largest surfing lagoon in the world with a water volume of 80 megalitres.

Check it out in action below.

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