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The Sodapop speaker is designed by an Oslo-based studio, Permafrost, and this mini speaker is designed to solve the main problem for small portable loudspeakers.

The Sodapop connects to its own carrying case, or any other suitable plastic bottle, offering a compact portable wireless speaker that, thanks to its design, triples the physical volume of the device.

By utilising the characteristics of the bottle material and the air inside the bottle, Sodapop speakers can increase the sound volume in the bass by as much as 10dB. A 10dB increase will sound approximately twice as loud to the human ear meaning the speaker can generate twice as much bass by connecting it to any ordinary soda bottle.

Permafrost designed the custom-made bass bottle to double up as a protective carrying case for the speaker unit. The threaded interface that fastens the bottle is compatible with most regular plastic beverage bottles just about anywhere in the world.

Featuring two full range 4-watt speakers, the Sodapop claims to provide rich sound without distortion. A passive bass membrane lies in the centre of the speaker that gives the bottle an 'extra kick'. An intelligent touch panel offers an interface to adjust volume, change songs or answer the phone. It powers itself using a long-lasting 1600mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery that gives up to 30 hours music playback.

You can see the Sodapop Speaker in action below.

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