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Tinder, and other dating apps, have announced a new background check feature, with the intention of making their services safer for their users.

Tinder's announcement on their new criminal background check feature raises concerns over the ethics of how their business is run, regardless of their intentions, as there are many factors and levels of how these offences might be portrayed.

The biggest issue that dating apps like Tinder have is the fact that you (as the user) are going to potentially meet a stranger that could be a scam or dangerous. They could be the love of your life, but all you know about them is what they share with you via the app, such as a profile picture and a short bio.

Now, Tinder offering a criminal background check sounds like a good idea as it keeps their users safer. But, how do you decide what is and what isn't potentially harmful? And, on top of that, the criminal check feature will reveal potentially sensitive information not only to Tinder but to other users by request.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Good Morning America, on Tinder Announces Criminal Background Checks On Potential Dates.

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